Top Places to Find an Escort in Amsterdam

According to many sources, Amsterdam is one of the top places to find an escort. When you look at the demographics and the social interests, it is not hard to figure out that escorts offer a booming business.

Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. Although it is not technically looped into the same category, some consider it to be one in the same. It does not matter which side of the debate you fall on, the escort business is hot.

How can I find one of the better escort agencies in Amsterdam?

Here are a few things to consider when beginning your search.

1) How was the phone call to the agency in Amsterdam? Was it friendly? Did you get a good vibe?

2) Did the agency make their intentions clear as you made yours? Some agencies in Amsterdam will be wishy-washy with their intentions. Just because they offer the largest business, that does not mean they are all good about this.

3) Is the agency discrete when it counts? Are there any hidden costs you need to know about? Did the agency address these hidden costs in an honest fashion?

This is merely a sample of questions you need to get the answers to. Do you have any of your own? It is up to you to bring them up. The agencies are not going to do the work for you. Do you want the best escort? You have to work for it.

You also need to tell them if the person was everything you expected. Did the person live up to your expectations? Did the escort put out a good vibe? Seeing as how Amsterdam offers the biggest business, you are bound to run into some bad people. It is up to you to weed them out. The agencies can only do so much.

A list of the top escort agencies in Amsterdam

1) Desire Escorts tops the list. It is one of the more famous ones in the country. This company only offers the most exclusive girls. To say they are beautiful is an understatement. They offer their girls about $150 pounds an hour. This is on the lower side. Do you want additional time with her? It will cost you an additional $130 pounds. Some may say this is way too high. The girls are worth it, according to insiders.
You are definitely getting what you pay for with their selection.

2) Dreams and Desires is the next in line. This is number two for a reason. You get only the top-drawer girls. We are talking very high class and very erotic. These girls will only cater to high-end clients. You need to be making big money to afford these girls. Minimum-wage workers will not be able to get in here. It is ultra-exclusive. Some say it compares to the first one.

These girls go through a very exclusive background process. The company only hires the top. Everything is discreet. We are talking about entering the equivalent of the Billionaires Club. It is this elite. Dutch and Western women mostly. Photos are real.

3) Escort Amsterdam enters here at number 3. Only the best girls are hired here. It is also known to be very elite and ultra-exclusive. Extensive hiring process. Everything is done on a professional level. There are no exceptions here.

They are known to hire porn stars, as long as they “check out”. Here is a little clue on this. They booked a top-notch porn star and she was requested within a half hour. The guy who booked her was very discreet and distinguished. They would not disclose her name, but you get the idea. Only the top names get in here too.

4) Pure Escort comes next. The reception at this agency is the main draw. Everyone is super friendly and professional. The girls are not as elite as the top 3, but they are still pretty highly recommended. The girls get checked out before getting matched to someone. Those who make less than the higher rates are more likely to choose this agency. Still pretty top-notch.

5) Angels Exclusive is the final one on the list. It is one of the older agencies and more distinguished. The girls are protected here. They are for clients who want something more than just the “quick win”. They offer everything from escorting and massage to limo service.